Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Episode! The Amazing Story of Podcast-Red and Podcast-Blue

It's been a long time, we shouldn'a left you / without a dope podcast to step to...

Yes, we're back! Despite my slight backwardness in updating this blog, James and I have actually been recording the occasional new episode of Unified Review Theory lately! The latest episode goes a little something... like... this...

In this Amazing Instalment of Unified Review Theory, Neill and James discuss the hottest talking point of, um, two weeks ago: the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony! LEARN what Neill has against the nation of Comoros and the reasons why Sir Melvyn Bragg is a filthy, filthy animal.

ALSO: we look at a comic from 50 years ago, and talk about its merits. Join us for mermaids, biblical exoduses and the dangers of performance-enhancing kryptonite as we look at The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue! Will we find it amazing? There's only one way to find out!

(SPOILER: we will.)

And we've also recently covered subjects as diverse and as devastatingly well-researched as Mongolia, the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and that movie they made about the Avengers! Why not go and listen to some of them? You can subscribe via iTunes or follow along on the podomatic podcast page!

We've been kind of warming back up, in the hopes of at some point getting to some kind of a semi-regular update schedule. If you've enjoyed any of these, why not say hello to us or indeed suggest ideas of Things We Should Review; we're on twitter over at @urtheory!