Friday, February 04, 2005

The Dutch



I don't really know anything about the Dutch. Apart from the fact that the financial institutions they developed in the early modern period, which were brought over to Britain in the years following the Glorious Revolution, revolutionised public finance, granting the British crown unprecedented revenue-raising abilities which allowed for the massive naval development which was to prove decisive against France in the Seven Years War, thus indirectly but significantly leading to the establishment of the British Empire and hence the recognisable modern world in all its glory and horror.

That and the fact they all smoke weed and like pornography.


JAMES says:

And they wear those crazy wooden shoes! All I know about the Dutch, and indeed all foreigners, came from the spectacularly racist comic strip 'Worldwide School' from Whizzer and Chips. Ah, they were more innocent times!


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  1. And they are VERY VERY big. I once saw Radiohead play in holland and, despite being 6'3" tall, couldn't see a damn thing. Still, at least it gave me an understanding of how the 'less-tall' members of society feel.



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