Sunday, October 04, 2009

URT Podcast, Episode 4: Sleepytime!

In this very special episode of the Unified Review Theory podcast we review various subjects related to the subject of Sleep with the intention of providing suitable sleepytime listening for the toddlers in our audience, but unfortunately do so in an expletive-filled manner filled with SUDDEN LOUD NOISES.

Join us for a vigorous and wildly incoherent discussion that takes in such subjects as Flying Hippy Yoga Monkeys, Sleep Deprivation as an Easy and Cost-Effective Form of Torture, and the Amazing Phenomenom of Unihemispheric Slow-Wave Sleep Which James is Totally Bored By.

This episode features special rubbish clicky-fuzzy sound quality to simulate the feeling of being semi-conscious while listening!

(We promise to do better next time. Honestly.)

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  1. I feel I should just make clear that I absolutely categorically WILL NOT be playing this particular episode of URT to my son to get him to sleep. So any concerned listeners can put the Child Protection Services hotline number down and relax.

    I think he prefers Radio 4 these days, anyway.


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