Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Resolutions


NEILL says:

I hate to come off as the predictably cynical misanthrope that, well, I am, but New Year's resolutions really are a load of absolute shit. Whether to "lose weight", "stop smoking" or "try not to have more than two bottles of gin before the milkman's been, except on Saturdays obviously, everyone's allowed Saturdays off, right? Right?", they are equally futile. It is entirely inexplicable why people persist in the delusion that their catastrophic character flaws, stubbornly resistant to any attempt at change for the rest of their lives, will somehow be magically rendered soluble by the fact that the last digit on the calendar has changed incrementally. If anything, the start of January is the worst possible time for embarking on any attempt at self-improvement, as it's cold out, everything's pretty fucking depressing and you're probably hungover anyway.

New Year's resolutions can be useful and constructive, but the key is to set achievable goals. If you aim too high you only end up failing, depressing yourself, and reverting to your destructive behaviours harder than ever, the only winner in the whole ghastly feedback loop of self-annihilation being Paul McKenna and his ever-growing empire of fraudulent "I Can Get You Off the Pipe" style self-help books. As such, I have decided this year to set the following - entirely realistic - resolutions for myself in 2009:

  1. Learn all the (correct) words to the theme tune of Rawhide.
  2. Train my one-year old son to say "Daddy" and give a sharp military salute.
  3. Become rich and famous and successful and that.
One out of three seems a realistic target.



  1. Progress report 06/01/2009: salute coming on nicely. Still not synchronising with the "Daddy."

  2. If it were me I would go for "Sir". And a roman salute, classier.

  3. Progress report 20/01/2009: backsliding on all fronts. Must redouble efforts.


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