Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unified Review Theory - the PODCAST

Yes, we have recorded a podcast! In this first-ever episode of Unified Review Theory, join your hosts Neill and James as we continue our ongoing mission to Review Everything. Only this time, you know, by TALKING. In this packed episode, we take it back to the 90's with a review of beloved time-travel TV series Quantum Leap, and get in touch with our highland roots with a frank and full discussion of the Cameron Family Motto.

Just click the above image , or follow this link:

We will put it on iTunes and stuff if we ever figure out how. Also, if we ever record another.

Your thoughts, comments and feedback would be very welcome, as would be suggestions of stuff for us to review in future episodes! Just leave comments below, or on our Facebook page.



  1. My gast is well and truly flabbered.

    You know those dreams that you sometimes have, where all you can do is hear, such as the dreams that people who have been blind since birth might have. Listening to this was like being in one of them.
    (I should point out that this phenomenon can be succesfully recreated by cleverly moving your eyelids together to prevent light getting through them while listening)

    The Cameron Brothers "feast on the flesh" of Quantum Leap for 15 minutes but surprisingly they do not address the one key question that everybody always asks about Quantum Leap.

    Did Sam Beckett ever make it home?

    I think the program was pulled before this episode and no doubt episodes where he leaps into a woman in Labour or Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, got to air.
    Much like the teenagers from Dungeons and Dragons, I fear Sam Beckett never made it back.

    Major Kudos though for a well structured easy paced first podcast. Great concept.

    Awaiting news of further reviews.

  2. I should clarify that I meant a woman in labour, not a woman in Labour. I have no great desire to see an episode in which Sam leaps into Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

    Although actually, that might be kind of entertaining too.

    Did the kids from dungeons & dragons never get home? That is unexpectedly tragic!

  3. Sam may not have "leapt" directly into a woman in labour, but I do seem to remember him giving birth at some point. The issue of how that was even remotely possible was never addressed.

    Hasn't the internet ruined everything for rambling nostalgic conversations? The minute anyone says "ah did Sam Beckett ever make it home...?", some bright spark will be on wikipedia, definitively confirming the fact, along with the revelations that a young Seth Rogen appeared as an extra in said episode, and there was a mooted episode in which the entire misbegotten Star Trek spin off Enterprise was written off as a particularly bad "leap".

    Actually, though I can't be bothered to "wiki" it, and stand by my conviction that Sam did indeed give birth once. And never got home.

    How about combining your enthusiasm for the history of the glens and inconsistent 80s sci fi/fantasy (yes I know QL was in the 90s but it feels 80s) and give us a review of Highlander? Or maybe the entire "franchise" - I believe there were about 7 film sequels and 4 separate TV series - but you'll have to summarise these as I haven't seen any of them

    PS James sounds like Edgar Wright!

  4. Great show, gents! Enjoyed it mightily.

    May I suggest - "Come ye sons of dogs and we will give you mints!" - sort of best of both worlds there.

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