Monday, December 14, 2009

URT Podcast Episode 5: Metaphysical Mario Kart Mashup!

In this HIGHLY EFFICIENT Very Special Episode of Unified Review Theory, Neill and James review popular Nintendo Wii driving game Mario Kart, while playing Mario Kart! They also review the philosophical concept of Free Will, also while playing Mario Kart. It gets confusing. Join us, won't you? Have listen here, download the mp3, subscibe on iTunes or just listen using the embedded player below!

Show notes and final scores:

  • Neill apologises for mumbling.
  • FREE WILL scores an average 6/10 (NEILL: 5/10, JAMES: 7/10)
  • MARIO KART WII scores an average 7.5/10 (NEILL: 8/10, JAMES: 7/10)
  • So Mario Kart is better than free will! That's one problem solved, anyway.
  • Oh yeah, we reviewed The Year 2009, too. It got like, 4.5/10?
  • You can follow URT on Twitter! Tweet-sized reviews at @urtheory, Neill at @neillcameron, and James at @pretzelsncheese.

The URT Podcast will be back with a special DECADE IN REVIEW roundtable discussion, as soon as possible after Hogmanay. In the meantime, why not check out some of our old episodes at the URT Podcast Page? Or don't. Whatever you like, man. Hey, back off!

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