Tuesday, January 05, 2010


"There were some terrorists, which was bad, and then there was Doctor Who, which was good."

In this VERY SPECIAL New Year's Eve-recorded episode of Unified Review Theory, Neill and James are joined by special guests Mrs. Neill and Mrs. James (or "Di" and "Debbie" as they seem to prefer being known) for an in-depth round-table discussion in which we not only review recently-completed decade The 2000s in their entirety, but also contrast and compare them with The 1990s, and also The 1810s for good measure.

Join us for a fascinating and only slightly exhausting debate which covers such diverse topics as the unexpected outcomes of the Last Great Time War, Opium Eating and why it is 'a boy thing', why Neill is clever and the other three are idiots for not liking Harry Potter, and whether the global climate of fear, tension and hostility precipitated by the rise of international terrorism was a Good Thing or a Bad Thing. You'll be surprised! (Note: you probably won't be surprised.)

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Show Notes:

  • 90's BBC sitcom Mulberry did in fact really happen. We didn't dream it.You can read about it here.
  • Yeah, sound quality is appalling again. Sorry.
  • To begin to list the errors, omissions and factual inaccuracies contained in this podcast would be a herculean effort, but if you feel you'd like to have a go, please go ahead.
  • Look, we were a bit drunk.
  • You can follow URT on Twitter! Tweet-sized reviews at @urtheory, Neill at @neillcameron, and James at @pretzelsncheese.
Final Scores:
  • William Wordsworth (romantic poet): 2/10
  • 2000s (decade): 5/10
  • 1810s (decade): 8/10
  • 1990s (decade): 8.5/10

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