Thursday, February 04, 2010

URT Podcast 007 - The Dark Prince of Froot Loops


In this special grim and gritty edition of Unified Review Theory, Neill and James brood their way through reviews of The Dark Knight, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and, um... Froot Loops. Neill also attempts to break the record for the number of times someone says “Batman” in a podcast, whilst James’s family attempt to kill each other.

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Show Notes 007:

  • The Dark Knight was 2008, James was right
  • Heath Ledger was in Home & Away, so that’s almost Batman
  • James would like to apologise to everyone else in the world for calling them chumps. Though, y’know, if the cap fits.
  • Nestor Carbonell played the Mayor in the Dark Knight, as well as that guy in Lost and the love interest post-Judd Nelson in Suddenly Susan. Check out his work and eye-lashes here!
  • Neill has never marked the Dark Knight, once more he is misremembering.
  • James REALLY needs to get a better microphone.
  • The angry background shouting is Debbie (Mrs James) berating Lex (James Jnr) for violence.
  • Hamlet was based on the 13th Century Viking legend Amleth, apparently.
  • Froot Loops do not seem to be available in France, but are in Germany.
  • You can follow URT on Twitter! Tweet-sized reviews at @urtheory, Neill at @neillcameron, and James at @pretzelsncheese.
Final Scores-
  • The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller 5.75/10
  • The Dark Knight 4.6/10
  • The Cowboy Wally version of Hamlet 9.5/10
  • Hamlet 6/10
  • Froot Loops 7.5/10

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