Thursday, June 26, 2003

Hope for the Future

By Simon Perrins

Hope for The Future is a british indy comic written and drawn by Simon Perrins and Andrew Livesay. There are six issues to date. Further details on

NEILL says:

In terms of sheer pound-for-pound entertainment, I can’t think of many things I like more than ‘Hope for the Future’. It’s like a sarcastic British Buffy, or a supernatural Spaced. I use TV shows rather than other comics as reference points because so does ‘Hope…’. It concerns a trio of students and their adventures protecting the world from supernatural evil in varying degrees of crapulence. The scripts are steeped in Pop and Geek culture to a frankly terrifying degree, there are so many background references and sight gags that you’ll be well rewarded by repeated readings, and there are a bunch of cute girls. Often with bunches. Come on, what’s not to love?

I suppose if I’m to find fault it would be that the humour can occasionally come off as slightly smug, as student comedy is wont to. On the whole, though, it’s just really fucking funny. Anyone who has seen Star Wars, anyone who enjoys the Simpsons, anyone who isn’t a completely dead-eyed cynical miserabilist and who likes to be entertained: you should be reading this comic. Why aren’t you? It’s dead cheap. You can even get it by PayPal, so you’ve no excuse.


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