Friday, June 27, 2003


JAMES says:

The webpage of one half of TV’s Lee and Herring, and writer of ‘Time Gentlemen, Please’, this site, like the man himself, is very funny. Consistently guilty of making me betray my lack of work by chortling away to myself, Herring’s self depreciation and taking things far beyond their logical extremes is just funny. The best part of the site, for my money, is the web diary ‘Warming Up’, a day to day account of observations and events from a guy who used to be on the telly. While I’m not terribly interested in Herring’s life, he is just funny. As I said before. Weren’t you listening? Also included is a host of DVD-style extras, only more like other bits of a homepage, if I’m being totally honest, including scripts to most of Herring’s plays and the rules to Consecutive Number Plate Spotting (you don’t want to know). Sites like these really are the saviours of those of us with no work to do and access to the internet. Recommended to anyone who thinks ‘Die, die, you Whorish Eggs’ is one of the funniest punch-lines ever.


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