Thursday, June 26, 2003

My Walk to Work

(Contiguous arrangement of London thoroughfares)

JAMES says:

It sounded so good on paper. No cramped tube, no late trains, the opportunity of buses if it rained. However, two weeks into my new job, and the walk to work is starting to become less appealing. It's not the length really, at half an hour each way, a tad self indulgent but manageable, but the road. While Kensington is a nice area, the road that forms the major part of my route is very busy, but not busy enough to bring the traffic to a standstill. The result is constant noisy trucks and buses for the duration, and a surrounding haze of fumes. Also, crossings are numerous and dangerous, so there is no real chance to relax. It's a shame, because the quiet street I walk down at the end shows what is possible from a walk to work. Overall, though, I would recommend shutting down the roads to traffic if the powers that be really wanted to make this a good walk to work. Until then I'm never going to arrive at work in the state of zen-like calm needed to fulfil my duties.


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