Monday, February 16, 2004

The Theory of Everything

(Scientific Television Programme)

JAMES says:

I like to think of myself as a man with quite a broad base of knowledge, but before watching this program I didn’t know really much at all about string theory. And now I do, a bit. So, job done. It was actually a very well put together program, despite being annoyingly American. It made things clear though it did rely very heavily on visual analogies to make things clear. It ended up being very flashy, which is quite an achievement seeing as how neither sub-atomic forces nor physicists are the most visually exciting things in the world. But, it didn’t go too quickly and you really did start to understand stuff. However, the offshoot of this understanding is now I have a whole new heap of things to be paranoid and afraid of. For instance, the entire universe might instantaneously cease to exist due to membranes bumping into each other. And how did the first scientists know when firing atoms at each other at high speeds that they weren’t going to explode the Earth? These scientists, crazy guys. Anyway, after sitting through all of this and feeling quite pleased with myself for understanding it, they then turn around and tell you that it’s all unproven and could turn out to be completely wrong. Couldn’t have just told you this at the start, I ask you. Also, there was a distinct lack of giving things a mark out of 10, which I know I appreciate.


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