Thursday, November 11, 2004

Being too busy to update this site

(Regrettable State of Affairs)

NEILL says:

I would just like to humbly apologise to our loyal, charming and uncommonly attractive reader base for the shocking lack of activity going on around URT manors lately. James is very busy at the moment learning to be an accountant, and I am similarly busy learning to be a comic book artist. Wow, I win that one, huh? All this career-focussed busy-ness is of course very commendable and sensible and all, but the regrettable side-effect is that you poor chaps end up staring at my review of 'Sense and Sensibility' for a full month. And, you know, it's funny, but it's not THAT funny.

Who am I kidding? It really IS that funny. But, um, sorry anyway.

To tide y'all over until things calm down a bit and we can get back 'on project' (likely to be around end of November), why not amuse yourself with some CLASSIC REVIEWS from the archives... scroll down the right hand side of the page, it's all there, every single bit of trivial blithering we ever saw fit to clog up the internet with. Or alternatively, here are a few of my personal favourites, in a little feature I like to call...



NEILL's favourite reviews by JAMES:

JAMES' favourite Reviews by NEILL:

Look, we promise not to do this again. Um, for a while.



  1. Anonymous11:00 am

    I would FURTHER like to apologize to our army of loyal contributors - by which I mostly mean Debbie - for not including any of their sterling work in this short list. There will be a second list next week. We love you really.

    James, on the other hand, should humbly apologize to ME for including on his list of favourite reviews by me one that he actually wrote himself.



  2. Hey, I was hard pushed trying to find 4 reviews by you that were worthy of praise.

    I think it's because what sticks in the mind from the review, more than the text, is the image of you with the moustache, and I therefore considered it your review. If you wish, replace that review in you minds with the one of Vernon Kaye and June Sarporong.

  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Thanks, but I think I'll just choose to stay bitter. Egomaniac!

  4. Don't mind me, I'm just seeing if links work in comments...

  5. Anonymous12:50 am

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