Tuesday, July 01, 2003



JAMES says:

While people are always harping on about Batman's colourful villains, I think Superman more than equals him in the foe department. Classics like Titano the Superape and Lex Luthor, as well as the less serious Mr Mxyzptlk and Bizarro. However, the cream of the crop has to be Brainiac. First of all, the name. He's brainy, but he's a maniac! No messing. Who knows what Terra Man is supposed to be? But best of all is his sheer inconsistency. First he's a space pirate with a white monkey who puts cities in bottles, then he actually has a computer for a brain, but was pretending to be a green man with circles on his head. He even had a son to really confuse people. Then he's a proper robot with scarey metal teeth, then he's a carnival mentalist possessed by an alien, then he's some big internet-style techno-virus or something. It's almost as if the writers didn't know what to do with him! In fact, I take it all back. He was good to start with, but now he's just rubbish. Boo!


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