Friday, July 04, 2003


Dir: Doug Liman, 1999

JAMES says:

When you watch a film, context is very important. For instance, a film like ‘Independence Day’ looks great when seen at the cinema, but on video is lamer than a Cretan Blacksmith during the Bronze Age. Therefore, I am reviewing Go as watched on video on a fairly large TV for the second and a half time. The first time I saw it, on video, I thought it was OK, but not as good as Swingers. The second time, on TV in a hostel, I fell asleep, but that might have more to do with the somnambulist effect of Canberra. This time, I enjoyed it a lot more than ever before. It still bought back happy memories of the energy of being young and partying, as well as the scuzzier side, like the discomfort of odd peoples’ flats while you’re on drugs. There were also bits I hadn’t noticed before, like the repetition of the line ‘Go’, or some of the background people being in lots of scenes. It’s a very funny film, and manages to come out with a happy ending against all the odds. The best part is how, like Swingers, it makes you feel alive and excited, without having to have friends or spend money going out.


NEILL says:

Go scores bonus points for being both the best film ever to star a member of the Dawson’s Creek cast (by a factor of 100) and, simultaneously, the best film ever to star a member of the Grange Hill cast (by a factor of 100,000).


JAMES says:

What I would take you up on is your claim that Go is the best Dawsons Creek featuring film, by a factor of 1000. Have you not seen 'Varsity Blues'? 'I love football, when it's pure. But this ain't pure' and 'I thought you only kissed heroes!' You can't fault a film with such sparkling dialogue.

Varsity Blues - 4.8/10. Just for sheer American Teen earnest crappiness

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