Monday, July 28, 2003

Jongleurs Battersea on Friday

(Comedy club)

JAMES says:

Is it me? Everyone else seems to be laughing. Am I just being a killjoy misery guts? No! No more will I feel like it is my fault that I don’t laugh at stand-up comedians. They had all the opportunity they needed, I was drunk, the mood was light-hearted. Laughter was flowing all around. If they failed to raise more than a passing smirk to my lips, then they’re rubbish comedians. And everyone else just has bad taste. The comedians were by and large rubbish anyway. There were all the rubbish stand-up clich├ęs; the Asian comedian who pointed out how we think all Asians are terrorists, the depressed divorced guy, the black comedian who points out the different ways black and white people do things, the zany comedian who made farting noises, the guy who talked to the audience then insulted the foreigners. I think my biggest problem was that there was no intelligence or imagination on show. Most of the punch-lines I could easily have guessed or came up with better ones myself. And anyway, I shouldn’t be trying to laugh at what they say. I’ve paid my money, I should just be entertained. You realise when someone good comes on just how different it can be, when instead of trying to laugh you’re trying to stop yourself laughing so you don’t die. Unfortunately, they hadn’t thought to book any of these people on Friday. Plus, it was too hot. And the music they played at the disco afterwards was rubbish. And the beer tasted horrible. But I’m not a killjoy misery guts. It’s important you remember that.


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