Wednesday, July 23, 2003



JAMES says:

Basically an Australian Scream Rip-Off, only lacking any of the irony or wit or tension. In a plot I can only assume is adapted from a Virginia Woolf short story some film students decide to finish making a slasher film that was left unfinished a decade earlier when the guy that was playing the slasher murdered the director, as she said he was rubbish. However, in a Sixth-Sense style twist, when the kids begin making the film, someone dressed as the slasher starts killing people. This is a genius move, as it allows the people who are about to get killed to go ‘Bob, stop kidding around’ (Bob was the actor playing the slasher in the remake) before being killed. Every single time. It sums up the greatness of the film that when the killer is unmasked he turns out to be the ‘creative energy’ of the last film(!?!). I confess I didn’t stick this one out to the bitter end, but I would be quite surprised if they managed to do anything in the last 10 minutes to make it worthwhile. Unless, it turned out that they were actually making a film about making the film! How ironic would that have been! The only reason I can think of for this movie existing is if you have to get from Molly Ringwald to Kylie Minogue in ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.’


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