Friday, August 08, 2003

Fantastic Four - Imaginauts

by Mark waid and Mike Weiringo
(Comic book collection)

JAMES says:

Beware of Manifestos, my son. This volume collects Mark Waid’s first few issues writing the Fantastic Four, the comic super team who not only fight together, they live together. Like Morecombe and Wise. Included in the volume is the essay Waid writes explaining how he’s going to write the Fantastic Four, and show everyone else. All he really had to say is that he would not be as crap as pretty much everyone else who’s ever written it since Stan ‘the Man’ Lee and most people would’ve been happy, and this is essentially what he does say. Only in a Mark Waid smug way. But, y’know, at the end of the day it’s the comics that matter, and they’re a mixed bag. Like Superman, Fantastic Four comics often show a bit too much reverence for the characters, with writers feeling reluctant to do anything to denigrate characters they grew up with, and thus there can be a lack of evolution and dynamicism in the stories. Despite his revolutionary principles, Waid falls into the trap a bit here. They’re alright in a action comic style, but there’s not really any depth to them. Reading them is kind of the comic equivalent of watching Sliders. Basically, if you were ever trying to convince your girlfriend that comics can be literature, these aren’t the ones to use as examples. However, they’re OK. And sometimes that’s all you want. As for the art, the jury’s still out. No… wait.. I’m just hearing, yes, the jury are returning, and…. Yes, the verdict’s in…Well, ladies and gentlemen, it appears the art is clear and cheerful without being spectacular. And it fits the story well in that respect. So, worth reading if your brother bought the book and lent it to you, but not really one to spend money on.


NEILL says:

Damn it, he's so right.


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