Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Selection of Fish Sandwiches

by Marks and Spencer

Guest-reviewer-of-the-week Laura Naldrett for the The London School of Contemporary Dance Sandwich Review Panel says:

In this sweltering weather, my colleagues and I felt compelled to seek out the nearest park to indulge in a lunchtime picnic. In the course of this we had occasion to sample some picnic fare by that finest of purveyors Marks and Spencers™, namely a selection of the fish sandwiches.

Let us begin with Poached Salmon and Rocket, a balanced meal within a sandwich, as we all know how important it is to eat our greens. Our panel found that this was one of the most popular sandwiches on the day due to its subtle flavour, delicate texture and super tasty bread. Rocket is a firm favourite with the panel so the inclusion of this alongside this perfectly poached fish earned a definite thumbs up!

Secondly, we have the classic Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon. Our panel found this slightly stodgy but not unpleasant. The classic combination of the cream cheese and smoked salmon was a winner but it was felt that the sandwich as a whole could have been more tender as it verged on the chewy.

Our last example was the ubiquitous Prawn and Mayonnaise, my personal favourite, however there were mixed feelings on this. One of the reviews refused to test this offering on the grounds that she didn't like prawns because they look like embryos and another was a strong supporter of adding lettuce to this combination to make it more akin to prawn cocktail. Virtues were pointed out such as the oatmeal bread (it just doesn't work with white, strangely) and the generous amount of filling.

Overall, the selection rates highly with the panel on the grounds that there was something to suit everyone's taste. However, none of us were brave enough to try the mixed seafood sandwich (crabsticks and prawns) so the jury is still out on that one.

7.4 / 1o

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