Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hart FM

(Radio Station)

JAMES says:

There are several warning signs when you first start to listen to Hart FM, and unfortunately none of them are misleading. First of all, they still think 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' by Leanne Rimes is a hot single. Secondly, they still employ Pat Sharpe. Thirdly, even the adverts are smug and annoying, most of them seeming to feature Michael Winner. This is a radio station that is so lacking in knowledge that it has as a slogan 'More Music Variety', yet I heard 'A Little Bit More' by Liberty X four times in the space of 2 days. I can only assume that the only time people listen to this is when they have too, e.g. Waiting rooms, bus journeys. Surely no one would choose it? Only recommended to those that find Capital FM a little racy.


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