Friday, August 08, 2003

Working on a Helpdesk

(Employment situation)

NEILL says:

There is an unavoidable element of servility in working on a helpdesk that greatly offends my natural sense of my own cosmic importance. The most galling thing, though, is the psychic damage wreaked by spending eight hours a day thinking and talking about computers. I lost my Jurassic 5 'Power in Numbers' album the other day, and actually caught myself thinking "...oh well, I guess I'll just run a Search for it. Start > Search > For Files and Folders containing... oh my Fucking God, I've lost the ability to discern the difference between Life and Windows!" Then again, quite frankly I think Life would be a lot better with the application of some standard Windows functionality. The Search function is an obvious one, but there's plenty others... for example, whose life wouldn't be substantially enhanced by being able to 'Undo' at will? For example: you've just accepted a job working on a helpdesk? Undo! Undo!

Only recommended for stoics and the restless dead.


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