Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Brain


JAMES says:

Integral to life really (unless you’re a Tory, oh, the satire), but you can’t help wondering if the brain is really on your side. For instance, when nursing a hangover, who tells you it’s a good idea to go the slightly suspect looking curry house for an all you can eat buffet? The brain, that’s who. And when you’re involved in a heated debate who not only fails to come up with a devastating riposte at the time, but then rubs it in a couple of hours later by coming up with the point that would have proved beyond all doubt your correctness and brilliance? Again, the brain. Who gets songs by Nickelback stuck in it for hours, who decides that the night before an exam/interview is the perfect time to not sleep but actually go over every little thing that is wrong with your life, who couldn’t just forget that time you embarrassed yourself in front of the entire school, that’s right, your old friend brainy (not Brainiac who is noone’s friend. Except his little monkey) I hypothesise a continual struggle between the good and evil parts of the brain (or the Morecombe and Wise Lobes to give them their official name). So, probably best to just count your losses and get rid of the entire thing.


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