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Wednesday 19th November, 2003


JAMES says:

There’s a limit to how well a day can be when it starts off with an exam (no, I’m not 16 years old, I’m an accountant. We spend half our lives doing exams, and then the other half marking them for small change). But to maintain the cosmic ying/yan balance I decided to spend the afternoon having lots and lots of fun. My name is James Cameron and this is not the longest day of my life.

The exam itself was OK, 3 hours went by super quickly, and only the end dragged, when we couldn’t leave as the idiot next to me couldn’t work out how to stick a bit of card down. And he wants to be an accountant? The idiot. Anyway, fresh out of the municipal building and filled with the elation of three months of watching TV anticipated, so I decided to go and stuff my face with KFC then watch the Matrix Reloaded. Which wasn’t lots and lots of fun. Admittedly after all the fried chicken and the reduced to clear marsh mallows I had consumed I wasn’t in the most receptive mood, but I spent most of the film bored. Now, being bored in a Matrix film, that ain’t right, that’s what old people and girlfriends do. But there I was, praying for the protracted Star Wars rip-off war to end. Lots of characters you’d hardly seen before and no real chance of winning without making the whole film more pointless than it actually was. It was during this section that about 8 people walked out of the cinema, so I wasn’t alone. Though as there were only about 10 people to start with I very nearly was. I have lots more cleverly amusing put downs for the film, but I don’t want to ruin it so anyone wanting to hear them write in and you’ll get a special ‘Too hot for the internet’ version of this review.

Anyway, I now had an unexpected fun deficit to deal with, so I decided to go for some well deserved shopping. Unfortunately the puritan skin-flint Scotsman in me then made me feel very guilty about spending money on myself. It also exhausted me, being a man an not used to it, and I felt the last few months effort catching up with me, so I was exhausted by the time I met Debbie. She was recovering from a lunchtime drinking session, so neither of us was feeling particularly vibrant and the whole day looked doomed to disaster.

Thankingfully, salvation came along in the form it so often takes, a Barbeque. We dined that evening at Bodean’s BBQ restaurant, and I cannot recommend the place enough. Or, rather, I can’t be bothered to recommend it enough, but it is very good. Half-price cocktails and piles of meat as big as your plate. The pulled pork and burnt ends were particularly fine. If you’re in Soho and not a vegetarian, get thee to the BBQ. After that I just feel full and happy, so went home. There followed a brief attempt in the ongoing project of teaching Debbie how to play video games. I thought we might but alright on this one as the point of the game was to crash as badly as possible, but she just fell asleep, and thus the day ended.

Exam – 3/10
Matrix Revolutions – 6.1/10
Shopping – 5/10
Bodean’s BBQ – 8.8/10

Total for Day – 5.7/10

NEILL says:

Uh… I think I had chips.


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