Monday, March 08, 2004

Free Stuff

(Free Stuff)

JAMES says:

Anything, anything at all, is at least ten times better when it’s free. If I had a choice between a job with tons of free stuff as perks, or a job that paid better so I could actually buy the stuff myself, I certainly know which one I’d go for.

When it comes to marking Free Stuff I have a dilemna, as it is obviously dependent on the stuff that is free. I was going to give it a value of +3, in a Dungeons and Dragons-stylee, so that anything we’ve reviewed would be 3 marks better if it was free. So, for instance, free Australian Beer would be 7.2/10. However this would mess up the chart, and would mean that free Mince would get 12/10 which is clearly insane. Therefore I’m going to give it 8/10, which is the average mark of 5/10 plus 3.

It’s not so easy being a reviewer, you see.


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